Scuba Diving

Scuba diving at White Star Quarry requires that each diver obtain a permit for diving each day. The permits are available at two self-serve Kiosks at the main water entrances of the quarry. At these Kiosks divers can find Blue envelopes that have a place for their personal infomation as well as a liability release to sign on the back. A payment of $20 USD per diver per day is put in the envelope and dropped into the receptacle near the Kiosk. . Each diver is required to fill out a separate envelope. The top part of the envelope is a tear off permit tp put in the dashboard of your car. Clearly visibile so that quarry staff can match your permit to the payment and liability release. Failure for a diver to properly complete the permit process prior to entering the water can result in a fine.


Certfied divers with the proper permits are allowed to dive from April 1 - December 31 during the normal park hours of 8am until Dark. All guests must be off park property by dark. The scuba concession is open weekends and select days from the first weekend in May until the last weekend in October. During this time the concession can answer any questions that you may have and they offer rentals, airfills, nitrox fill and other concessions.


Night Diving is allowed at the quarry on Saturday Evenings only from Memorial Day Weekend until the last weekend in September. Divers must register to night dive and must check out with the scuba concession once they are done with their dives for the evening.

Ice Diving is only allowed for certified ice divers or divers under the supervision of an instructor during specific weekends scheduled each year. These weekends require divers to check in at the scuba concession (no self serve) and show their credentials to the quarry staff. Specific equipment and considerations are required for ice dives and the quarry staff reserves the right to refuse diving privileges to those people not willing to follow the guidelines set forth.


Since the quarry is oftentimes unsupervised it is important that you stay safe and follow the basic rules of scuba diving. Rangers regularly patrol the area and enforce the park rules including diver permits but they are not all scuba divers. They do recognise activities known to be unsafe and will keep you from diving if you exhibit signs of being an unsafe diver.


Solo diving is not permitted at White Star Quarry. All divers must enter and exit the water with a buddy who is willing to take responsibility for them.

At the north end of the quarry there is a sumerged room and building with a connecting tunnel. This tunnel is off limits to all divers without express, written, permission from the scuba concession staff. Divers who are suspected of entering the tunnel without a permit will be subject to fines and may have future diving rights revoked by the park district. Permits, tunnel orientations and associated tags are available to qualified divers at the scuba concession during normal scuba concession hours.

There is a Lot of Life Here

While diving at White Star Quarry may not be the pinnacle of underwater life that you may find on a coral reef, there is a lot of life to be seen underwater here. The Ohio DNR regularly stocks fish in the quarry and every once in a great while you see some rarities that do not normally belong in a quarry. Keep your eye out for creatures not on this list but also keep your eye out for the wonders that we are sure you will find.


There are numerous underwater attractions at White star quarry that have been put there for your enjoyment. Some of these items are one of a kind and many, like the underwater forests and trees that grew up when the quarry was empty can never be replaced once they are lost or damaged. Please keep this in mind and control your buoyancy and do not damage, move or deface the underwater attractions and artifacts. Some of these items have already been damaged and lost by careless divers.

If you have suggestions or wish to donate an underwater attraction to the quarry visit our contact page and send us your proposal. We can work with you to see if the item will benefit the underwater park and fit into the grand plan of the bottomlands of White Star Quarry.


Quarry maps are available at the Scuba Concession

Clicking the link will allow you to download a may of the underwater sites of the quarry. Visit the scuba concession and we will give you a printed on that you can use to visualize what is out there. We also have a submersible dive map with point to point bearings allowing you the opportunity to find your next site from any other site in the quarry.

Underwater Trails test your Navigation Skills Slates are available

Planning your dive can be difficult at times. With the underwater trails we have put together you can navigate your way around the quarry and plan ahead with time and air consumption. The maps are available for download but a sumersible set that has compass bearings and depths are also available for sale.

Lots of stuff to see, photograph and Explore Underwater

While we try to keep our maps as accurate as possible sometimes things are added to the quarry without our getting it on the map in time. If you find a discrepancy or something else cool that you feel should be on the map please let us know at the scuba concession or by contacting us through this website.